Resistance is Futile

REBLOG : Recently found this Poet and fell in love with this particular poem. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did and shares some love for the author. TC all.

Silently Smouldering Words

Underneath my skin resides

A myriad of multi-sides,

That often do appear when I

Attempt and fail to hide my tides.

They ebb and flow with ease of motion

Oblivious to every notion

Of a logical release,

For my ethereal mind peace.

They colour and engrave my veins,

With etchings made of taste filled pains,

And utter sweetly in my ear,

The hidden truths that tiptoe near.

The waves deluge my eyes and then,

Flood with wanton power when

I think I’m right and true and good

And take me like I know they should.

And so resist ephemerally,

My lure of words that naturally,

Dictate to you the need you feel,

Don’t turn away.

It’s very


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