WB…1st post in a month and 3 days…well 2nd of day :)

With myself I write when things aren’t okay…not quite right. If you see me around…then you can just assume. I write poetry and will throw out random bits of poetry or bipolar learnings and observations I may have or things I don’t quite understand. This is me…my life. Wrong or right…this is just how my clock and life tick’s.
For a severe Bipolar, PTSD, Anxiety sufferer a month and 3 days can be quite a long time (with no hitches – so to speak). A life with a normal functioning job, lower than average stress, low # of panic attacks, less mood swings, etc. I think all you know where I am going with this. But when you are returned to the same hideous dreadful place overnight (in a SNAP) basically, it sucks!
You pick up the pieces, wipe away the tears, fix all the damage, adjust the meds, get back into therapy, avoid self-harm & self-medicating (when needed) and you just try and stay positive no matter how damn hard it is. Stay POSITIVE! Force yourself. If you can’t do it alone…surround yourself with a support group that can do it for you. If you don’t have one…surround yourself with professionals that can be THAT positive.
That’s where I am at! Yes it sucks! Yes what you will read will NOT always be the most pleasant. Is it always meant to be? No! It is self-expression and self-therapy to help me and I choose to share the self-expression side of it. It is my hope that the poetry is not totally horrible (LOL – no comment there)  and when I do talk about bipolar and choose to post on other people’s blogs I can assist and be a positive influence from my experiences for other people.
Welcome back to those that read. Hopefully – I am only back for a short time??? At least to post. I’d rather read and comment. Thanks all! TC!

6 thoughts on “WB…1st post in a month and 3 days…well 2nd of day :)

  1. It’s interesting to read what my husband is living and he’s surrounded by negativity! I think the Bipolar are some of the strongest individuals alive! He likes to quote “it’s not how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and keep going!” Keep going strong! Thank you for the follow!

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    • lovesdeepwater…I love the quote! And so true! A lot of stigma and negativity surrounding this monster. Yes! Get up and keep fighting and keep going. I commend your husband and yourself! TY for stopping by and yw…I’ll be by again! 🙂

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