WB…1st post in a month and 3 days…well 2nd of day :)

With myself I write when things aren’t okay…not quite right. If you see me around…then you can just assume. I write poetry and will throw out random bits of poetry or bipolar learnings and observations I may have or things I don’t quite understand. This is me…my life. Wrong or right…this is just how my clock and life tick’s.
For a severe Bipolar, PTSD, Anxiety sufferer a month and 3 days can be quite a long time (with no hitches – so to speak). A life with a normal functioning job, lower than average stress, low # of panic attacks, less mood swings, etc. I think all you know where I am going with this. But when you are returned to the same hideous dreadful place overnight (in a SNAP) basically, it sucks!
You pick up the pieces, wipe away the tears, fix all the damage, adjust the meds, get back into therapy, avoid self-harm & self-medicating (when needed) and you just try and stay positive no matter how damn hard it is. Stay POSITIVE! Force yourself. If you can’t do it alone…surround yourself with a support group that can do it for you. If you don’t have one…surround yourself with professionals that can be THAT positive.
That’s where I am at! Yes it sucks! Yes what you will read will NOT always be the most pleasant. Is it always meant to be? No! It is self-expression and self-therapy to help me and I choose to share the self-expression side of it. It is my hope that the poetry is not totally horrible (LOL – no comment there)  and when I do talk about bipolar and choose to post on other people’s blogs I can assist and be a positive influence from my experiences for other people.
Welcome back to those that read. Hopefully – I am only back for a short time??? At least to post. I’d rather read and comment. Thanks all! TC!

Angelic Symphony (A Poem)

Harrowing footsteps trailing normality  
ultimately stealing breath – force-feeding insanity 
A simple life triggered by just one suffocating horrific tragedy 
Hope begins to slip through my unknowing grasp – gravity takes hold 
All the best, now, just collapses dead to a cold frigid ground 
No longer brave enough – haunted one more time by all my sorrows 
Waking up returned to my fragmented bewildered mind 
All that remains is angels – a sense of letting go… 
@Touching Madness