One of the greatest tragedies is overlooking mental illness… (not poem)

In all its shapes and forms and misconceptions it consumes and devastates everyone around. Then an untimely demise can ultimately follow. Once lost…lost forever.
Protect these people. Do NOT discriminate based on a condition. Realize this is can be fatal…and fight for a cure/our prevention.
Eliminate stigma.
Always fight onwards…

Disruption of Sorrow (A Poem – in progress)

Farewell to all the eternal joy 
a universe at no time certain as it is 
enamored by all of life’s pleasurable addicted tastes 
death reveals existence for what it truly is, poison…
I will never escape, this is reality… 
Wealth cannot bribe; providing happiness 
as endless treasures cannot cure a cursed mind 
all things are made to end and eventually fade 
a scourge without any warning brings a conclusion 
I will never escape, this is a reality… 
Splendor can be a exotic perennial floweret 
the perfect illusion of what may last an eternity 
a blossom who’s scent and beauty tempt every desire 
but eventually succumbing, fatally ravaged by yet another season 
I will never escape, this is a reality… 
The executioner holds open the gate 
I can finally savor death’s virulence 
treading down unto the stairway to my own grave 
a lavish painted mounted sky wane’s once and for all 
I will never escape, this is a reality… 
@Touching Madness