Past Misfortune (A Poem)

*UGH  – Re-write & maybe another re-write coming…my apologies…

I allow myself to precipitate my own sorrow 
I provide the shovel to dig my own grave 
I paint and depict a treacherous sea 
while brushing every deadly final swallowing swell 

I am the foretelling shadow of their young future 
I am the murkiness that they have not identified 
I am the nefarious hidden figure who shall steal their delectation 
to always obscure two told innocent victims of any life 
Two souls stripped of any perception of normality 
two souls deprived of all aspirations and effulgence 
two souls plundered without any choice of their own
Cursed by a sire; handing adversity instead of probability 
She and he were always dreamers, but forced to submit 
she and he were always misconceived and rattled, always unsettled 
she and he were always so strong and fought, until they just broke down 
life’s allowances no more, realization has made its transformation 
A gift! Souls that have been awakened forever… 
@Touching Madness 

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