Set Her Free (A Poem)

Harbingers of hope have abandoned me 
all ability to dream eroded by falling tears 
forever illustrating potential surrendering 
a mirror reflects a destitute lifeless soul 
Behold a cursed entity, glance without deviation into my eyes 
all that I was, is no longer what I will become 
forsaken by an assumption of attainable nirvana 
deathly bewailing is all that remains 
The incontrovertible lucent light begins to fade 
a heart commences to hastily cease, ablaze no more 
too wounded to navigate a passage never walked alone 
destined to be haunted by my failure and hope for her serenity 
A sacrifice must be made so the damning may come to an end 
bring forth all the noxious perdition as my only honorable deed 
release an angel from a formidable grasp, to inescapably see 
existence too long, forbidding, it is time for her to be free 
@Touching Madness 

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