The Fear is Finally Leaving (A Poem)

No longer conscious of all the pain 
tears personify all the endless agony  
as they spatter onto the ground all around me 
hope has shifted, I am no longer brave enough 
All that once shimmered so bright and lite my path 
has painstakingly turned everything I foresee to utter blackness 
a turning point where no life-line is discernable  
no more crying out – these deteriorated wings have simply given out 
My heart? 
My eyes? 
streaming bloody lament 
All the light has now gone out and I see only darkness 
pleasure and elation has vanished leaving only sorrow and dread 
slowly evaporating to a nothingness that will climatically consume 
toppled to my knees with no awareness that gravity has finally taken hold 
@Touching Madness

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