Inevitability (A Poem)

Plummeting from a compassionate pedestal once placed upon 
forever haunted by a fragmented clock displaying an inevitable fate 
castles in the air devoured by time and miscommunication 
Predicted by a prophet, but imploded by fools to blind to see 
brilliant but adamant and too cautious because of past pain 
touching ecstasy, but about to walk blinded right back into the darkness 
A tragedy can never be a whirlwind until the damage is permanent 
Embrace the catastrophe that lies before you, witness your ultimate demise 
Visualize if you will, if the sands of hourglass could be turned upside down 
In the eleventh hour, unfeigned happiness can just slip away without sound 
turbulence controls situations that reach beyond anyone’s control 
misfortune can conclude circumstance but in the end our hearts decide destiny 
@Touching Madness

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