Web of Emotions (A Poem)

This reclusive spider itself, overhangs before the isolated world it spun
ensnared by its own web, to evade its own self-inflicted toxins 
Adoration vanishes in an instant as a resolute fearless soul recoils
with anxiety, a being evolves into a demoralized craven 
Untainted in eye, left darker in thought, betrayed by tricks to the psyche
cradled by the hands of its own demise, confused, only to perish alone 
Tvenerate someone faintly obscured by restricting shadows
pilfers the one chance at undeniable beatitude for an eternity 
@Touching Madness 

4 thoughts on “Web of Emotions (A Poem)

    • TY Grumpy…I simply am not good w/any sort of adulation because of self-worth issues. But I will tuck this in a special place as a reminder. I truly appreciate your comments. I have always looked up to your writing since I ran across it. I continue to enjoy reading every work to present day. Thank you once again. TC…


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