Eternal Sleep (Poem)

Steal my last breath, a deserving departure 
deliver a concluding unforgiving blow 
cast away all my sorrows and wipe away all my bloody tears 
dismantle my countless missteps while releasing all my sins 
Erase an ignominious existence so a tainted soul goes unnoticed 
no corpse to catapult or gravestone to leave an atrocious aftertaste 
an end to all the poisonous venom corrupting the world  
a final dust devil to whisk away the residual blinding sand 
Agonizing cries strangled one last time 
mutated thoughts interrupted as self-harm is hidden under hollow ground 
tormented murmurs forever tremble even in the end  
though quietened silence can no longer be understood or perceived 
@Touching Madness 

2 thoughts on “Eternal Sleep (Poem)

  1. This tells me so much about the wish to die, almost like a plea but do you think that would truly be the end?
    Your writings are always so poignant so rich in it’s darkness and I wish for you to see how you touch me so.

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