Web of Emotions (A Poem)

This reclusive spider itself, overhangs before the isolated world it spun
ensnared by its own web, to evade its own self-inflicted toxins 
Adoration vanishes in an instant as a resolute fearless soul recoils
with anxiety, a being evolves into a demoralized craven 
Untainted in eye, left darker in thought, betrayed by tricks to the psyche
cradled by the hands of its own demise, confused, only to perish alone 
Tvenerate someone faintly obscured by restricting shadows
pilfers the one chance at undeniable beatitude for an eternity 
@Touching Madness 

New Re-Blog Button (Pls. visit from time to time)

There is a section in the widgets that enables you to allow others to see who you follow. I will
continue to keep this on my page. But what I have decided to do is to add a link button to another
page for re-blogs that I am going to start to do. I have started to follow quite a few people and
unfortunately the widget only allows you to view 50 followers. Likewise, it only allows others to
see the last 15 posts I liked. 
I intend to try and let anyone that reads my blog just some pages that I have found touching,
important, etc. They have meaning to me and I hope they do to others as well. Because they get
pushed back as new posts are published, the re-blog button will have these posts available for
others to go to if they have interest in going to view these blogs at another time. 
There are so many talented writings blogging about so many different topics it is also just a place
for me (with a short-term memory) to go back to and reread them. 
Thanks! Take care all!

Eternal Sleep (Poem)

Steal my last breath, a deserving departure 
deliver a concluding unforgiving blow 
cast away all my sorrows and wipe away all my bloody tears 
dismantle my countless missteps while releasing all my sins 
Erase an ignominious existence so a tainted soul goes unnoticed 
no corpse to catapult or gravestone to leave an atrocious aftertaste 
an end to all the poisonous venom corrupting the world  
a final dust devil to whisk away the residual blinding sand 
Agonizing cries strangled one last time 
mutated thoughts interrupted as self-harm is hidden under hollow ground 
tormented murmurs forever tremble even in the end  
though quietened silence can no longer be understood or perceived 
@Touching Madness