Aspirations (A Poem)

I am the everlasting devastation to an end 
she is the crucial imperative glue 
Entangled forever in a web of inevitability 
a ballad of a tragic past and an untold future 
A destiny frozen through the oculus in a moment 
misfortune or unimaginable love 
When eternally dreaming for a lifetime 
it is conceivable to hear two beating hearts 
@Touching Madness 

15 thoughts on “Aspirations (A Poem)

  1. You are such a terribly beautiful writer. I love your writings and I’m so glad you came by my blog earlier. I dont usually follow back immediately. And truth is I follow very less bloggers. But I’m so glad I followed you, such soulful poetry!

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    • TY Nandita. Words from a tremendous writer like yourself give me inspiration. Not everything comes out just right…but everything comes from my heart, soul, and personal experiences. It’s my self-therapy if you will. I learn as I go? As I feel many of us do. Much appreciated. TC.

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    • You are welcome Elle. I’ve always enjoyed your writing. I have a short attention span because of my issues. I should get around more then I do. My apologies. But I wish you nothing but the best. You have real talent. TC

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