Aspirations (A Poem)

I am the everlasting devastation to an end 
she is the crucial imperative glue 
Entangled forever in a web of inevitability 
a ballad of a tragic past and an untold future 
A destiny frozen through the oculus in a moment 
misfortune or unimaginable love 
When eternally dreaming for a lifetime 
it is conceivable to hear two beating hearts 
@Touching Madness 

Swan Song (A Poem)

An ominous river seeps into the sea 
all the murky forbidding clouds hover over me 
I am the precise prodigy of indisputable sin 
trying to attain any momentary lucidity  
A hollow sorrowful echo whispers psalms softly 
a child forced into a fighter turns the sky into bloody tears 
unqualified chaos settles; a travesty for an unwitting mind 
sadly, this narrative has no happy ending 
A sacrifice so unbearable where everything is eventually lost 
the brilliance of the night abruptly fades as a gloominess settles 
gaze through the fog, beyond his falling tears, and into a fragmented soul 
shadows perform a departing dance as a dismissing death-blow is struck 
@Touching Madness