Dare to Dream and Love (A Poem)

The world is truly magnificent  
an elegant, extraordinary, simply breathtaking place 
capable of surrounding a soul with so much beauty  
never less always calamitous because of time gone by and so many hardships 
but it has always been there for those who dare to take hold and dream 
Fear and tragedy has led too many astray for far too long 
imagine if it is true; within a grasp of their own choosing 
a heaven’s delight for eternity just for opening their own eyes 
to finally taste what’s escaped them for lifetime – FREEDOM 
to forgo a past and be aware of a life they always desired all along 
Look into a mirror and see your battered soul 
then look into another’s eyes; not just anyone but THE one 
to see yourself and feel another; connect and beat as one – REVERBERATION
time stops and the future is no longer in question  
your lives aspirations and heart are finally complete 
@Touching Madness