*Smacks Self*


This one has bothered me the moment I hit the publish button…but really…do I give a damn? I am who I am…right? My only point being I who I follow is listed on my page. I attempt to follow everyone…but at the same time I try and point people to people to individuals who have a purpose…who’s blogs stand out. Do I appreciate everyone who reads or likes mine? Of course I do. Does it make or break me? Of course not. I am an introvert with little or no self esteem except when I am manic and can rule the world! With this said…I hope this makes more sense. It does to my crazy a*s self anyway.


Be wary of whom I follow! I do like to follow everyone back. And I do try and even follow everyone that even likes my posts which I am not great at…but trying. And then the people whom post (you know who ur) The part I need to work on the most.

But I really need to go through today and sort through? Does that make sense? Not being rude at all…but hopefully it makes sense. Hmmm well it does to me.

Anyways…I’d rather concentrate on writing, catching up on others posts, and drowning in my newly found darkness. But first…breakfast and sorting.

Hope everyone’s day starts off well!

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