So odd for me how easy it is too string together endless words expressing my hidden emotions when I am anywhere but up up and away! Then when I start to ascend I begin to sail categorically out of control causing everlasting damage whatever path I may have chosen to take this time around. When I descend back to reality, looking back at yet another catastrophe left with a devils touch, I am always left bewildered. Am I really responsible for ALL this?
Posting in a blog does help with dealing with every day emotions, but I have found it helps chart moods without even trying as well. I write when I am down or in a mixed state. Therefore, regrettably it is easy to look back on when my last post was and like a brutal slap on the face I can see exactly when things started to swing. I judge things by situational circumstances, then start taking a look around me, and ask myself why am I writing again? It’s like holy fu*k! Not again.
Med changes! Therapy! Anxiety! Depression! Getting back on track and revisiting my comforting place…my dark place…my best friend!
Hope everyone has been well!
Bipolar is a bitch!

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