Dare to Dream and Love (A Poem)

The world is truly magnificent  
an elegant, extraordinary, simply breathtaking place 
capable of surrounding a soul with so much beauty  
never less always calamitous because of time gone by and so many hardships 
but it has always been there for those who dare to take hold and dream 
Fear and tragedy has led too many astray for far too long 
imagine if it is true; within a grasp of their own choosing 
a heaven’s delight for eternity just for opening their own eyes 
to finally taste what’s escaped them for lifetime – FREEDOM 
to forgo a past and be aware of a life they always desired all along 
Look into a mirror and see your battered soul 
then look into another’s eyes; not just anyone but THE one 
to see yourself and feel another; connect and beat as one – REVERBERATION
time stops and the future is no longer in question  
your lives aspirations and heart are finally complete 
@Touching Madness 

Bruised Mentality (Poem) *Trigger*

Lost amongst the memories of a childhood
shadows of a painful past destroyed by a monster
an adorned gift handed over for an eternity of pain 
Cries for help left unanswered for forever
unwavering struggles hidden from a stranger
guilt that will never fade because it must’ve been my fault 
Bloody cloistered tears to stop the abuse
running from the sins of Satan himself
an escape from a pushed down reality 
A tragic tale leaving a lifetime of misery
broken isolated sheltered fears of the predator
fleeing a past that never evaporates consumes 
@Touching Madness 

Sins of Valor (Poem) *Trigger*

A calamity of chaos resides in a mind that stole lives
ridiculing and misapprehesion of violence for an order

Age is a sin not thought of in the delicacy of war
force triumphs and protects against the weak 

Innocence is a chain of progression for the light-hearted
bloodshed shall never discriminate  
Visiting a time where devils took the angels
will forever be the stomping ground of my mind 
@Touching Madness

*Smacks Self*


This one has bothered me the moment I hit the publish button…but really…do I give a damn? I am who I am…right? My only point being I who I follow is listed on my page. I attempt to follow everyone…but at the same time I try and point people to people to individuals who have a purpose…who’s blogs stand out. Do I appreciate everyone who reads or likes mine? Of course I do. Does it make or break me? Of course not. I am an introvert with little or no self esteem except when I am manic and can rule the world! With this said…I hope this makes more sense. It does to my crazy a*s self anyway.


Be wary of whom I follow! I do like to follow everyone back. And I do try and even follow everyone that even likes my posts which I am not great at…but trying. And then the people whom post (you know who ur) The part I need to work on the most.

But I really need to go through today and sort through? Does that make sense? Not being rude at all…but hopefully it makes sense. Hmmm well it does to me.

Anyways…I’d rather concentrate on writing, catching up on others posts, and drowning in my newly found darkness. But first…breakfast and sorting.

Hope everyone’s day starts off well!

Prevailing Darkness (Poem)

Sunlight departs and the twilight emerges 
another day has faded away in a abhorrent mist 
an undeniable murkiness subdues
A cycle overflowing with radiance forgoes 
becoming occupied with obscurity
shadows swallow up all the surrounding beauty 
This lurid gloominess has entrenched itself yet again
daylight may temporarily appear to tease the unwitting mind
But in the end, grievously, the darkness always prevails
@Touching Madness 

Fleeting Trepidation (Poem)

Words Uttered from my mouth unwittingly
Bring about incalculable devastation 
Confusion and trepidation speak for me
Instead of letting my true voice be heard 
Exoneration from each and every one of my sins
Appears to be a task to disquieting to me 
Alas, forgiveness always follows before an
Unembellished apology can ever take place 
The guilt forever resides within a shattered soul
That only wishes for an early demise 
In the end, will clemency be granted
For a sin that undoubtedly surpasses all others 
@Touching Madness