Ode to the Matriarch

Interpretation misunderstood by tricks on her genius
reality became a myth as illusion prepared to embrace her
imagination developed into what was undeniably true
enchanted wings brought her to a place of grandeur 
She was absolved from a yesteryear permeated with such abuse
her consciousness was immersed with a brilliance like no other
somehow, she was empowered to obstruct the misery passed on
exculpated as she wondered off within walls only she could perceive 
Obscurity or splendor notwithstanding
whether they were awe-inspiring flowers spread out for her delight
or a just another obsession of a castigating time from her past
it was literally a sight comparable to no other for her 
Attempting to escape to what she thought was a safer place
she had been home many years battling a monster of the mind
surrendering to a malady is regrettably exceedingly arduous
but at long last the majestic matriarch finally at long last got to rest 
 @Touching Madness 
  • My mother for so long when I had none at the time. People come around and mine did. But in the beginning it takes a special woman to grasp and understand the horrors of what was not diagnosed or understood because of personal experiences. Don’t ever doubt that this illness is passed along. It affects so many….for so many generations. It haunts and destroys. This woman fought it bravely till 98 years old along with never-ending abuse to boot. A testament to what we all can beat if we never give up!

My Beloveda

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