Inundating Demise – A Final Goodbye (Poem)

Roses aperture bequeathing tragic consequences to an allergic heart
weathered culminating tenacious gales besiege the victim void of any storms
another catastrophic tale of a life dissipated to shelter devotion 
Moral obligation befalls a broken soldier that unceasingly falls for all
tears of remorse regard from afar percipient of another’s sheltered soul
sentiment goes disregarded as it must, as a buffer will one day rescue 
Plunging into darkness as acknowledgment of what ultimately must be set free
all forethought and preparedness vanish as the rainbows are depleted of any color
the years of service fighting so many faceless demons has stripped my ranks 
Drowning in a basin of emotion, there is no courage left to keep me afloat
forever sinking submerged because my gallantry could never outweigh my sins
my obligation, where it all began – is to vanish in perpetuity descending into the sea 
@Touching Madness 

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