Tears for You (Poem)

Can beauty ever be broken?
It is created through experiences
dreams and heart create a timeless existence
impressions and a connection that never disappear
Alone or through another’s eyes
thoughts provoke an everlasting bond
it withstands a lifetime through good and bad
beauty is born…through eternity
Unfortunately, curses can change everything in a moment
hidden by change and steady separation
concealed by truth…and untold possibilities
allurement can therefore die in a mere moment
What was once was incomprehensible to all
becomes inconceivable barring no one
grace now becomes unattainable
smoke in the air…now an utter blur
Unconditional sadness…tears become overcoming
time begins to seep in and desolation takes over
life ends in perpetual tears of an untimely demise
giving up…a lifetime of a perpetual happiness
Death ultimately once again commences
all the beauty that once emanated
has begun to vanish…am I alone?
was this all beautiful lies…heartstrings?
@Touching Madness

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