Sacrilege (poem)

Hiding from the orgasm of impiety
the fetid stench of the rotting flesh
evil cannot be fed or made to be angry
you do will enmeshed like the rest
Disappear alone – you will certainly be revealed
here’s your gravestone where you’ll be concealed
You speak of such iniquity if it is a savior
when you could be the next one with a bounty
only mutilation and ruin lie within this coward
unmasked you will see the many faces of me
Reappear – you won’t see or sense me but understand I’ll be there
I will lurk in the shadows behind you forever I swear
If you feel safe – DON’T
There’s no halting one that that blends like a chameleon
If you imagine I’ll let you feel safe for a new day – I WON’T
In the end I realize that I am the villain and you are my virgin

@Touching Madness

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