Reflection Preserved (Poem)

*EDIT – never perfect – but o’ so much needed slop work
Eyes of glass that have permitted me to look into your soul since childhood
denying but always fearing all along that you were staring back at mine
the same demons ensnared you always embracing all your emotions and mind
the unfathomable tragedies I have endured are now mine to abrogate
Forgive me for the bloody tears that will forever cloud your perception
allow me to illustrate through a father’s eyes how to fight all the pain
your confusion must be altered inward upon me…eradicate the inevitable
I *laugh* as I must redirect it unto myself to absorb all of the misery
Shield you from as much of the unmitigated darkness is now my duty
no matter the distraction…as little or as major…the tears must fall on me
cradling so you will no longer prepare you for the life that is in store for you
imprison myself within unbreakable manacles for eternity to avoid my past
I SCREAM and CRY observing chaos through a cheval glass of myself
no awareness of circumstances as the same pool forms at your feet
fighting this devil before grants accessions embracing such macabre defile
always enabling projecting eternally…buffering another cracked mirror
@Touching Madness
  • Do not let your friend’s post under-the-influence…


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