Protector of Abolition (Poem)

When I bleed…when I am gone
the only legacy I leave is my heart
Slipping now…bestowing eternal misery
is it my right to run from the deathless fear?
Giving up…in the end, to all the secretive torment
to what I perpetually swore would never defeat me
Set ablaze…because of the eternalized suffering
the fire within leaves nothing but scattered ashes
Is it fair…to ignite all those that all I love
ultimately no one but myself should be set aflame
Walking into the inferno…is my choice
but should everyone else experience the conflagration?
Spare the innocent…allow them to breathe
release them from my unrelenting seething embrace
Scurrying to my demise…dousing the pure from my rapid oxidation
protecting has always by nature been my obligated privilege
Engulfed in wildfires of bloody tears…I want to take everyone’s agony
turn it onto me and allow me to absorb all the masses maladies
I am the defender of sadness…

@Touching Madness

* Sometimes it’s not about you…reaching out to other’s…speaking through words is enough to help…SPEAK! Help! I speak through lyrics of music and my poems…just seems to work better. And YOU know this!

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