Expression is expression whether good or bad…

I have found that what helps me the most is to write. I am NOT a stupendous writer! lol But I do enjoy it and it is therapeutic to myself. Therefore onward I go and I will continue to do so as long as it serves this purpose and helps. Fortunately or unfortunately to my own determent I write most in my darker moments. But that does not necessarily mean I am a dark person. I mean Hell…I am bipolar. Mania/depression?

I am a firm believer in self expression. Whether it be through writing, art, photography, or any and all other forms that help an individual achieve some peace of mind. With this said…we all deal with different issues that of course range dramatically from person to person. I typically believe there is no right or wrong. No good or bad. What helps one spirit may not benefit another and visa-versa. Beauty and inner-peace is in the eyes of the beholder. Is that even a thing?

Anyways, my diluted poor attempts at writing may not always appease everyone or anyone at all, but as long as they offer me some kind of guidance I am okay with that. Recently I have started to step outside what I call my “norm”. I still haven’t ventured much past, but I am starting to look at other aspects and to different types of posts to give me contrasting takes on things. Because I generally write while down, I seek out positive or informative posts occasionally. I am even to the point of really dwelling outside of my realm of “mental illness” and “poetry” and getting an even more beauteous look at what I consider expression and artistry. Just other forms of expression I suppose. There’s so much of it out there and what amazes me is when I step back and do not get consumed with myself (and trust me I do) there is so much of it to see.

A valid opinion? Or just more ramblings of a madman?

8 thoughts on “Expression is expression whether good or bad…

    • Hmmm…I get that “whining” feeling as well. Or I should say I did. The way I look at it is people have a choice to read my “blah” or pass it by. I do not mind sharing. All comments…good or bad are always. But ultimately in the end…it is for me. It helps me lay out emotions and see them instead of doing what I do best of all and that is internalizing them. It also gives me something to go back to in the future. If you enjoy writing…I say write. Of course it is always your choice whether or not you choose to share with others or keep these things personal. Thank you for the kind comments. I appreciate them. TC. 🙂


      • I totally agree with what you said. I share for myself and I’ve found that it’s a great community here. A lot of other types of blogging communities blog for fame or money we do it for ourselves or to relate to others. Thanks for taking the time to interact and reply I appreciate it

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  1. Writing is also my favorite form of therapy. I tend to write when I’m up though. It’s a way I’ve learned to slow my thoughts and examine my thought processes. This is also the time I’m most artistically expressive. I wish I could continue to be expressive when I’m down. My downs typically come with silence. It can be hard to utter a word much less find the motivation to type it. It’s so freaking fascinating how one disorder can manifest so differently in us all. I suppose it would be a rather dull world if we all painted from the same color palette.🎨

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    • daybydaybipolar…let me apologize for what seems to be the 100th time tonight! Ugh! I seem to be awful at returning comments. Or this may have been right around my first great disappearing act of 2018! Either way I am sorry. I got manic and *poof*. Your post the 2nd…13th today…about right first day back. ANYWHO! I will hop on over to your page to see if you write also after this post. I follow so many for so many different reasons and my meds mess with my memory. It is a self-reflecting to me as well. I don’t know if you’d call my writing artistic…kind of more ramblings of a madman but I agree some people are very artistic when they write. Believe it or not…I only write when I am down. I actually have the most difficult time expressing myself when I am most stable, mixed or manic. Yes this disorder does fascinate me to no end. How it affects the mind sketching emotions exploding creativity.


  2. I’m almost the opposite. When I am manic, I can’t pry myself away from my keyboard. When I’m depressed, I have to force my fingers to move on the keys. But, people tell me what I write when depressed is my best work. Why is this?

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    • Interesting Tony. It really is…and honestly I wish I had the answer. So many of us and we really sway on totally different pendulums. All my work is blah…but regardless the only time I can write is mixed or in the most productive way…completely down. If I am posting…you know I am NOT manic! Although people have told you that your best comes when down…looking back over your stuff…do you see the same or moments or brilliance in both states? Just curious. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Tony.

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