An Illness is an Illness…Help Support All Equally

A sense of self is so hard to realize and comprehend when your soul is lost and confused. The mind…no matter how hard you try and fight just does not recognize your triggers once you slip. When this happens, I am thankful I the small support system I do in place. It has not always been this way…but I have fought and fought to get to this point. Totally alone and desolate with feeling like I had no chance of survival…I found one friend. This friend helped me find one more friend and then one family member. Now I have about 5 people I can count on after 15 years. Is that sad that only 5 people understand? Yes…but I’ll take what I can get. But not everyone has this opportunity for many years.
I have watched and witnessed too many friends and friends of friends lose their lives that could have been saved. Lives that mattered as much as anyone else’s! Fucking lost because no would take the time to help. The willingness to reach out or educate themselves for someone who already had their hand stretched out. In a society that simply doesn’t fully understand and how easily an uncomplicated gesture of faith and support would save so many countless lives.
Mental illness is no different than any other illness besides the stigma attached along with it. Cancer check. Diabetes check. In fact, I have a severe case of diabetes and get unconditional support for that and then when people find out I am bipolar and PTSD they turn their backs. There are so many conditions where this is true. It’s time for people to step up to plate and take care of everyone damnit! No one deserves to be isolated because others are afraid of a condition because of a ridiculous stigma attached because of very very small percentage. Let’s help everyone! All illness’s…all the sick people…everyone that suffers alike.

2 thoughts on “An Illness is an Illness…Help Support All Equally

  1. So true! And it is sad that people don’t understand but 5 is hand full which is plenty. Good job on gaining those 5! It takes a lot on our behalf to allow people to be there for us because often times they chose, like you said.

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    • Um do I return any damn replies? Wow! I thought I did…apparently not looking back! Winding back the clock with apologies Eve I appreciate your kind words. I agree 5 is adequate or okay or “something” a “start”? 🙂 So many of us struggle for so long just to find even 1 person to understand or get even a small part of what goes on in our heads. It’s not always that we “have it worse” (sometimes we do), but it just helps when you have someone to turn to who can relate and reach out and just be there and say yeah I get this even if not in a perfect way. It helps!


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