One Last Goodbye (Poem) *Dedication 

Silently fade into a tranquil mist my friend
your heart so pure, but in the end, a mind never spared
the unforgiving maelstrom never really silences pain
this time arrogating one of the incredibly special ones
Memories of saving my sanity when it had otherwise vanished
never jaunting alone with enough fortitude to guide us both
regarding you as an infallible warrior capable of surviving all
by way of desolation, rage and utter loss of identity always a smile
Even angels are deprived of their wings sorrowfully left plummeting
the signs are misconstrued, the tears not noticed until it is too late
another casualty of a malady that has taken so many without warning
somehow, I wish I could have reached out to you as you had done for me
Discerning and understanding, but ultimately never really accepting
a promise to each other broken, that can never be mended
but in consummation all I yearn for is that the incessant suffering has ended
conclusively I have to believe is that my protector is finally rescued herself

@Touching Madness

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