Anguish (Poem)

Thoughts beyond rational explanation
only utter confusion takes over creating unyielding havoc
the horrific screams from within cannot be controlled

A dreadful life never ceases to silently crumble
completely unaware to the ignorance of society
the damage is permanent and cannot ever be repaired

Implacable pain engulfs an uninhabited spirit
a conclusion is the only way out of all the misery
it is unconditionally indistinguishable to all my masks

One can only aspire for the day when they decisively succumb
all this abominable agony can conclusively subside
the sufferer can finally find some serenity from all the inner demons

With dissolution a tortured soul can stop scuffling with all the fiends
finding what has ultimately been sought after for a lifetime
eternal peace

@Touching Madness

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