Failed Poetry Creativity!

Kind of an example of how I start to write poetry…just a bunch of shit written down and whola I throw it together. Read my other stuff if you want to see what it turns out like. I am bipolar. Currently in a mixed state. My thoughts go back and forth so quickly it drives me nuts. So I was trying to write about this state. But no damn luck! Anywho…this gives you the general idea of how my nonsense starts and develops into the other crap. Just one insight how one man writes…odd or not. Also gives a look into bipolar for those interested. Basically…I should leave my writing to when I depressed…annoying!!!! Grrr….

Random thoughts: 

Protect you both from all the things that have already weathered 

Just make all the sadness go away 

Riding the roller coaster of ecstasy  

Dispersed through continual ancestry   

Protect all those touched from this madness from me 

Boundless euphoria…better than any drug… 

Scars that run so deep from an unthinkable past 

Countless mistakes that have hurt so many 

Regretful words and actions 

Trying to learn from all the myriad of mistakes  

Trying to explain the reason for self-medicating 

All the battles lost again and again 

Completely numb to the world 

At constant ever changing life 

Wearer of masks to fit any occasion 

Not knowing your limits 

Endured all the constant fear 

Looking back at my life tells so many stories of 

Pools of unending bloody tears 

Days and days without any need for real sleep 

So so lost…so so much pain that won’t end 

Suicidal ideation 

Hate this constant frustration…agitation…anger…elation…and sadness 

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