Hard to know what mood ur in hour to hour sometimes…

Moods have been fairly been stuck in one place or another as of late. Bet just over the last couple days I have been cycling every couple hours and it’s driving me crazy. These are not huge cycles, but they are enough severe enough to def throw me off balance and to try and manage them is becoming more difficult the longer this persists.

My anxiety is running high. Of course it is getting frustrating. And not knowing whether you are going to lay around and cry or be up with tons of energy bouncing off the walls or spending money is exhausting. I am just ready for things to sway one way or another and stay that way for any length of time. I know this sounds ridiculous…but so I can find some peace…and not knowing who I am so many times a day.

The rapid cycling is sometimes just as bad as the full blown cycles for me because there is so much constant change so quickly. Well I don’t know I guess…Is there really a state that is easy? I suppose I just want this one to end for now and deal with the next.

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