Charting Moods…

On and off I do follow professional advice given to me. Yes I know I should more often! I always take my meds, keep somewhat of a routine and avoid triggers. But the small things that could/should help me I do not always always keep up with on a continuous basis. Will I ever learn? Um…probably not…but for now let’s pretend I am.

Over the last couple months I have been charting my moods very regularly as my psychiatrist and therapist recommended and asked me to. They said it would help them assist me better all while helping myself begin to identify my ever-changing moods better.

I was kind of like – really? I have been suffering from this for most of my life. I think I realize when I cycle into mania or depression. But I suppose professionals do know more then this stubborn guy who has been fighting any sort of treatment besides meds for forever.

Thus I started. Couple days in…didn’t notice anything that I don’t recognize myself. One week charting…and I still did make any wonderous observations. I’ll tell you I was about to give up like I usually do…and I started to see small patterns at first. Then I began to recognize cycles by triggers. I began to see how long my cycles lasted and that lead to finally seeing how often I was rapid cycling. I was finally convinced this had a purpose rather than just being another mundane tedious thing I was partaking in.

When I took this to my doctor he didn’t gloat or anything likewise or course…he just pointed out how important something this small was for both himself and me. He thanked me…and for a brief moment…I even felt I was doing something right.

  • Mind you I don’t feel this very often

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